[ed+ict] is a research unit of University Colleges Leuven - Limburg (UCLL).
Together with the UCLL [ed+ict] created a spin-off company, CETIT BVBA: Centre For Educational Technology,
Innovation & Training (www.cetit.be). We offer the following services:


[ed+ict] does research on gaming, social media and technology enhanced learning.


Advice concerning gamification, technology enhanced learning, connectivism & learning.


Serious games; mutimediatools with gamification; electronic learning environments.


Corporate Training, postgraduates E-Learning & digital didactics, ICT4ALL.


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Social inclusion

Pal Push Entrepreneurship





Blended Learning

FACTSC: ISEC-project

Junior Game Academie

UNIZO & Agentschap Ondernemen


Province Of Limburg

Plai (ESF)

C.I.S. & Thomas More hogeschool & Stebo


Studio 100


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