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The project goal is to change the motivation to learn a second language by integrating sociocultural aspects into the language course.
This project focussed on three language levels: A1, A2 and B1.
For each level a language course is developed in Icelandic, English, Portuguese, Lithoanian, Romanian and Dutch language.

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Valère Awouters

Lecturer and researcher

Ruben Jans

Lecturer and researcher

Sebastiaan Jans

Lecturer and researcher

UC Leuven-Limburg is a HEI in Flanders, renowned for the high quality of its teaching, research & regional development. More than 30 professional bachelor, and lifelong learning study programmes are offered in various disciplines fields, with a focus on health care, social work, business & commerce, teacher education, science & technology. UC Leuven-Limburg's strong commitment to research ensures state-of-the-art training programmes for its 15 000 students.

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Amal Tamimi


Jolin Zaghloul


Equality Centre / Jafnréttishús is a private NGO founded in april 2008 in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. It is a international non profit adult education provider. It employs 5 staff members and has a wide subcontracting-network with specialists in various fields. On everage, it provides education to over 300 learners per year in various fields.

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Kristina Martinaviciute

Project manager

Mindaugas Geryba


Indre Adomaitiene


Algimantas Dugnas


Vilnius Gabriele Petkevicaite - Bite Adult Education Centre (Bite AEC) was founded in 1994 by the modal of the Danish FYN's County schools. The motto of Education Centre is as follows: "It is never too late to learn.". The education Centre is for adults who seek new skills and knowledge required for professional career and life. The Educational Centre provides formal learning services and non-formal learning services. Around 600 students attend courses in the Centre.

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Ana Filomena Amaral

Board director

Casimiro Soares Simões

Member Arte-Via

Arte-Via Cooperative, in Lousã, disctrict of Coimbra is a regional, cultural non profit association, whose members work as volunteers, founded in 1999, that has a senior university promoting classes for elder people and migrants namely painting, yoga, English and embroidery. The cooperative is organising events such as reader communities, international seminars, writing contest, art exihibitions and multimedia performances.

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Florin Cristian Bagiu


Maria Pavelescu

Coordinator of school counselors

Raluca Bădeliţă


Otilia Ivan-Tugui


Ovidiu Bădeliță


Councelling and Guidance - Resource Centre Suceava Country (CJRAE) is focused on counseling and guiding people, training courses for students, teachers, parents, solving behaviour problems, career guidance. the role fo the center is also to solve the conflicts that can appear between people to cousel, to help people to have normal relationship without conflicts and to develop social skills and personal development.

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